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Eddie is an intelligent music discovery system. If you tell him about a song you like he will recommend you three similar songs.It's not magic, but it could be...Play new music, play Bandness
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    About Eddie .

    Discover music in the easiest way: tell us about a song you like and we'll suggest you three other similar songs. You can also support groups by purchasing their songs! Create lists, talk with your favorite bands. Discover and support new music.

    You want your music to reach it's real audience. You want to win some money with what you do. You want to know other groups that sound just like you. You want to self manage, statistics, concert organizing, getting to know other similar groups... it's never been so easy: join us, create and promote!

    If you are a club, a promotor, a record label, a festival, an investor or anyone related with the world of proffesional music, it's a good idea that you contact us through, cos we have a lot of things to talk about.

    Intelligent Music Discovery